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To Win a HybridTitle:  To Win a Hybrid
Publisher:  Forever More Publishing
ISBN:  978-1-92785-973-5

Kaisa has a rule about dating male humans. She doesn’t. A past relationship had left her unable to trust one again. Then Devin comes into her life, and makes her long for things she knows she’s better off not feeling. She tries her damned to push him away, but no matter what she does, he won’t let her.

Devin wanted Kaisa to be his since the day he’d met her. He has no problem with her being a hybrid, half werewolf and half vampire. In fact, he wants her to turn him, if only to prove he’s her perfect mate.

As the vampires who have hunted Kaisa and her brothers for centuries make a move against them, she has to make a decision. Accept Devin into her life or cut him out of it for his own good.

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Lady Knight Title:  Lady Knight
Publisher:  Forever More Publishing
Release Date:  April 3, 2015

ISBN:  978-1-92785-978-0

Saxon Lady Ariel of Elmstead disguises herself as a boy and leads her father’s men to battle the Norman invaders. Her goal is to find the Norman knight who left her with child the year before. The only clue she has to his identity is the ring he gave her.

During the battle of Hastings, Broc St. Ceneri takes a young Saxon boy as his hostage. The boy so resembles the Saxon girl he cannot forget, Broc offers to train him as a knight after he is granted Elmstead as his own.

With Broc unable to see through her disguise, Ariel must decide whether to risk all by revealing her secret, or say nothing and let the man she loves wed another.



Egyptian Shifters Title:  Egyptian Shifters
Publisher:  Forever More Publishing
Release Date:  April 17, 2015

ISBN:  978-1-92785-979-7

A set of short stories combined into one book of four ancient Egyptian god shapeshifters, who finally find their mortal mates.

Turquois Eye of Horus

Codie had her trip to Egypt all planned out, but her plans soon fall apart when she gets lost in the Eastern Desert during a sand storm. Lost and alone, she unintentionally calls out to the Egyptian god Horus, whose eye she wears around her neck as a pendant.

Judgment by Anubis

While in a coma, Jinny finds herself standing before the Egyptian god Anubis to be judged. After shifting from his half-man/half-jackal form, she’s instantly attracted to the man, falling for his dark good looks.

Sef, Lion of Yesterday

Separated from his twin when a demon traps them in the mortal realm, Sef falls for the mortal woman who nursed him back to health while trapped in his lion form. Unable to return to the underworld where he and his twin brother, Duau, guard its gates, Sef fears an attack that is sure to come.

Duau, Lion of Tomorrow

Unable to shift out of lion form, Duau is stuck in the mortal realm, separated from his twin brother, Sef. Weak from wounds received in battle with the demons who’d trapped him, he finds help in the form of the mortal woman who takes him in as a lion.